Saturday, July 29, 2006


Today I drew a roommate while she was sleeping on the couch in front of the tv. Usually I don't draw with charcoal, but I always think of the drawings of J.S. Sargent. His figure-drawing in charcoal are amazing and inspiring.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Every now and then I have these 'moods' and I start studying specific subjects on how to draw them. Now more and more I'm interested in composition. So I sketch little frames and draw shapes in them and I try to figure out what's interesting to look at. I find it's really a craft to make an interesting picture! I read this whole section on composition in a 'Famous Artists Course' book (my parents have one of the original books, lucky me!), but I guess it all comes down to practice. Perhaps this one is for a painting?

(I'm also looking forward to the publication of Hans Bacher's production design book...I can't wait!)

Let's go surfin' now!

I haven't posted anything for so long so it's time to make up. This one's an illustration for my studentsclub. Another student will digitally place a text on the illustration which will make it appear as if it were surfing the wave. Ambitiously I started out looking for surfing photo's as a reference and in comicbooks. In the end my father mentioned to me the famous drawing of Japanese artist Hokusai and I used that as a reference.


Friday, July 21, 2006