Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John M. Burns

John M. Burns is not at all well-known, and strolling down the booths of Dutch comic-conventions, one can occasionally find his 'Trueno' comic book-series; boring! But some 8 years ago at a large book sale in Utrecht, I stumbled on a 'Judge Dredd' comic book with a horrible cover. Inside I discovered what was the most refreshing drawing style I'd seen in a long time! The little story titled 'Raider' is beautifully illustrated in a style reminiscent of the 1960's magazine illustrations of Bernie Fuchs or Bob Peak. Very inspiring!

More scribbles..

I finished reading 'Anne of Green Gables' yesterday and enjoyed every inch of it! Among these scribbles is Anne as 'a Queens girl'. I plan on making a lot more sketches inspired by the book.


These sketches with extra shading are quite challenging to produce! It requires so much knowledge of the human-form, but I feel it makes sketches more tangible as well. I really like it and I'll practice it more.

Dream Worlds

Today I received my copy of Dream Worlds by Hans Bacher. It's just bewildering!! Amazing artwork and inspiration for years to come!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Scribbles continued

Anne of Green Gables

I'm currently reading 'Anne of Green Gables' by L.M. Montgomery. Some scribbles to show you the main characters: