Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's almost finished, but I wanted to show it already.

Peter van Straaten

These are some illustrations Peter van Straaten made a long time ago for the childrensbook 'Mark en de soldaten'. I like his style very much because it's messy.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Yes, soon more Peter van Straaten and a painting!

Soon some illustrations Peter van Straaten made for a childrensbook titled 'Mark en de soldaten' ('Mark and the soldiers') The drawings are wonderful! And -I hope- really soon another painting.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

painting exercise

A quick exercise to get me started again. I almost haven't drawn for a whole week, due to my transfer to another home. Today I was so happy that I could paint a little!

musical scribbles

Here are some of my musical scribbles (partly 'My funny Valentine' and 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame; so many times out there...') Even though they are I guess uninterpretable for everyone, I like the look of them.

Sorry, no Peter van Straaten!

The book that I bought full of his lovely work is unfortunately to weak and old to put under a scanner; if I do so, it will fall apart. So here's part of a sketch he did: it's a 'memory sketch' he made of a girl he knew when he was young. Anyway, the work of Peter van Straaten has been published many times so you'll be able to get a look at it at another place.

on the move

I just moved to another appartment with 3 roommates, but now, for the next two weeks, I'm out of internet. I'll soon post some drawings and also (for the fun of it) some pictures of my piano-transcriptions of Disneysongs. When you look at them, scribbled down in blue pencil, it has a certain artistic quality to it...
I'll also post some images of a rare comicbook by Paul Gillon that I bought; beautiful black/white images (virtually unmatched in their craftsmanship) and some doodles by Peter van Straaten: one of Holland's greatest cartoonists/illustrators.