Sunday, November 25, 2007


I recently read '1984' (by George Orwell) for the second time and it's just as fantastic as ten years ago when I first read it!
How nerve-wrecking and horrible is the story of Winston and Julia!!

But I was very surprised to see the screen-adaptation that was made of it in 1984! On Youtube you can see the movie, directed by Michael Radford. Some commentators there claim the movie equals the novel in it's suspense, drama, and say the acting is superb..!?
I on the other hand dreaded the movie, because its impact on me could not equal that of the novel at all! It felt more as if the movie was an incredible waste of time.

The book is testimony of Orwell's superior skill in portraying human emotions, and even more so, in creating an excruciating atmosphere of confoudment in the characters thoughts. As readers we can FEEL what Winston feels and understand the horror of Big Brother; it is as if we were there in Oceania with him.
The filmmakers answer this by casting lame actors lacking any character! Seeing the movie, instead of identifying with Winston, I find I develop a repulsive feeling for the actors.

How would Orson Welles do as a director for '1984'?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

From my photo-collection of the studentsclub I made a few caricature sketches. It's fascinating to notice some of their mouths..! Those kind of details can make a drawing look so much more human.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

James Bennett

James Bennett is quite the illustrator! He has a lovely way to draw the viewers-eye to the center of an illustration where the action takes place. I'm really fascinated to see how beautiful Bennet softens the focus of objects more close to the foreground - and he does it all without computer. James Bennett is represented bij Richard Solomon.