Monday, April 10, 2006

Randy Newman

Wow, today I saw 'James and the Giant Peach' with the musicalscore by Randy Newman. And as always I was so enchanted by his music. I read in a review his music was described as having a 'colourful palette'. Well, that's one way to put it. His gentle (film)music is to touching and I always get mesmerised by it. I start dreaming of people and places and situations (really!) while listening to his music. I wonder off and forget everything around me. It's just so moving. Here are the lyrics of his song 'Same Girl':

You’re still the same girl you always were
You’re still the same girl you always were
A few more nights on the street that’s all
a few more holes in your arms
a few more years with him

You’re still the same girl
with the same sweet smile
that you always had
the same blue eyes like the sun
the same clear voice that I always
you’re still the same girl...
that I love

I'm not a music expert but his piano playing is só subtle, and sad and beautiful and colourful all at the same time and well I could keep on going... I want to make a caricature/portret of him, kind of as a hommage to this great artist. I'll try to post it soon.
Two interviews with him you can find on (the last one is part in Dutch):


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