Sunday, June 22, 2008

More phenomenal comic artists...!

In Holland some people yell 'toppi!' when they are excited about something. Sergio Toppi (b. 1932) is certainly 'toppi!', but not well-known under a certain age. He's VERY much old-school.
But as the saying goes, a thing of beauty is a joy forever, and that certainly holds true for this mans dazzling comic art:

Buy his books and be inspired.

A friend of Toppi, and even a greater layout artist and drafsman is Dino Battaglia (1923-1983). Battaglia is a master of graphic narration! Almost every frame in his comic work is worthy of study...: they are little miracles of graphic composition, texture, lighting and coloring. Here are four pages of Battaglia's "Till Eulenspiegel" (1975):

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Paul Harmon said...

they are absolutely two of my favorites, even though I've just recently discovered Battaglia's amazing and diverse body of work.